How to Select the Right Tiles for your Home

Every home is made up of various substances. Types of tiles are a crucial part of interiors for homes. Every homeowner should ensure they select the appropriate tiles that meet their requirements as well as their lifestyle and the location of the house. We can’t choose for you, however, we can assist. Bespoke has put together this comprehensive guide, which lists all kinds of tiles as well as their USPs and the best places to use the,m and the best ways to maintain them.

Vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles look like ceramic types of tiles, however,r they contain silica. The clay and silica melt during nitrification, forming an almost glass-like substance inside each tile. This makes sure that tiles will retain their original shine over the years of usage.

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Here is some information regarding vitrified tiles.

You can pick from a range of finishes that include an anti-skid coating

It is stain-proof due to its low porosity

Resistance to frost and water

It is strong and can withstand the rigors of heavy use

It is easy to install

Where can you find vitrified tiles?

Indoor and outdoor flooring

Kitchen backsplash

Bathroom walls

What are the rules and regulations that govern keepingvitrified tiled?

There isn’t much to keep vitrified tiles clean. They can be maintained clean by mopping, sweeping,g or vacuuming frequently. Tiles should not be cleaned using any harsh tools such as acid or a metal scrub.

Tiles comprised of Onyx

Onyx is basically an imitation of marble. The tiles are reasonably priced and have the same veins of marble. They are created of quartz as well as other additives that are engineered.

Here is some information concerning onyx tiles.

It appears like marble however, it is much stronger.

They are available in larger sizes than regular tiles.

Moderate resistance to heat

It isn’t completely scratch or stain resistant.

Where can you find these tiles?

Indoor flooring


Wall with cladding

What are the rules and regulations that apply to keeping onyx tiles clean?

It is essential to be careful when cleaning the onyx tiles. The tiles shouldn’t be cleaned using baking soda, lemon juice,e or any other harsh cleaning agents. To clean the tiles make use of warm water and mild detergent.

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl flooring is made of synthetic material and appears just like natural stone. Vinyl is an excellent choice for pet owners.

Vinyl tiles: What you should be aware of

It gives a seamless appearance

It is possible to install it without damaging the flooring

Non-biodegradable, however recyclable.

Waterproof, however not completely stain-proof

Heavy furniture can be damaged and isn’t very durable.

Vinyl tiles are utilized anywhere there is water



What are the rules and regulations that apply to keeping vinyl tiles clean?





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