How sports activities can benefit your kids

Children are naturally active. Children are naturally active and can take up many sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and swimming. You can encourage your kids to take up sports if they aren’t sport-minded. They will be greatly benefited.


Start at home. Playing sports together is a great way to get your kids moving. These sports will provide great bonding opportunities for your children, and your children will also reap many other great benefits.


1. Children are more likely to succeed at school. Research has shown that girls who are physically active have higher grades and a lower dropout rate than their peers who are not. High school girls who participate in What sports are more likely to succeed in science classes than inactive girls.


2. Children can learn new skills and abilities. Who knows, your son could be the next Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, or Michael Phelps? If your kids don’t try their hand at something, they won’t know what it is. This is true for all things, including sports. While some children are more gifted and athletic than others, the fact is that they won’t be able to excel in any other area unless they put their efforts into it.


3. Teenagers who exercise are less likely get pregnant. Teenagers who participate in sports tend to have more sexual experiences later than their more sedentary peers. If they do get pregnant, it is less likely.


4. Children become emotionally more balanced – Studies show that children who participate in sports are more able to deal with disappointments and adversity than their peers who are not. This is likely because they are taught early to accept failures and frustrations, which are common in competitive sports. Perhaps these events allow them to release tension. Children who are fit are better at handling stress.


5. Children are less likely than adults to smoke – Studies show that kids aged 12-16 who are more active in sports are less likely start smoking than their peers.


Encourage your children to participate in sports. This will strengthen your relationship with them, and allow them to become more healthy, balanced individuals.

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