5 Best Water Sports Activities in Benidorm


There are lots of Benidorm Watersports you are able to participate in whilst on holiday. If you are staying near Levante Beach, simply make your way to seaside, and from there the vast majority of popular traveler destinations are reachable on by running along the promenade. The Old Town is simply a 10-15 minute walk from just about anywhere on Levante Beach. So here are some of the favorites with information. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in benidorm.



We’re not going to fabrication; cable skiing was really tough to understand though it is absolutely well worth a go. If you are an understanding balance with great concentration, you are made for this sport.

At exactly the same spot, towards the tail end of Levante Beach, additionally, they do wakeboarding and also kite surfing. So you will certainly not exhaust things to do, particularly when it involves Benidorm water sports!



Diving and snorkeling are definitely the most popular Benidorm watersports.

Many people have a wonderful experience diving here because of the perfect climate of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only that, the crystal clear water allows visibility for a fair few stretches of meters.

Not only that, but you can enjoy some of the most colorful underwater wildlife in Europe, taking you to another world.

Their main dive sites are situated only 5 minutes away from the Benidorm harbor.


The sunrise kayak tour became a genuinely magical experience and yet another of our favorite Benidorm watersports.

It was refreshing to be a few of the mere versions awake among the pure silence of the ridiculous town that Benidorm could be. We paddled out to an area to view the sun come up and it was bliss.

In case you choose a peaceful sunrise to a busy sunset, then we highly recommend trying the sunrise kayak trip while you are in Benidorm.



Out of all of the things to do in Benidorm, leasing jet skis will most likely be the activity in which you will laugh probably the most. You may be smiling for the majority of the morning as we had been. Out of all of the Benidorm Watersports offered, jet skiing is a MUST!!!

After obtaining the hang of it straight away, we rode together at the rear of the instructor crashing down within the waves.They will take you to the other side of the island, the previous Levante Beach, in which you are able to buy a glimpse on the cliff edges which are linked to the national park. With amazing views and crystal blue sea, we could not help but fall in really like Benidorm.


  • Mundo Marino Benidorm

If all this water-based, adrenaline-fuelled activity is proving a little much for you subsequently a calm boat ride might be exactly the thing! With Mundo Marino, you are able to be your own personal captain and like some sedate sightseeing out there on the crystal clear blue waters of Benidorm Bay.

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